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Should Brazil follow in China’s footsteps?

By Pablo Halpern, President of Atche Medical


Like USA companies over a decade ago, China’s tech giants are looking for innovation from the state of Israel. Companies such as Huawei and Fosun have already stepped-in while Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi will join them soon.

Now, should Brazil do something similar? – In certain aspects, I think they should.
We specialize in the medical devices and biotechnology area, and have been recommending to our Brazilian clients for some time to do what the Chinese are doing: look for innovation in Israel now.


In the last few years we have seen an increasing number of Chinese participants in all the biomedical exhibitions and congresses in Israel. Since we attend these congresses annually in order to network and learn of innovative technologies, it has become clear to us that what was very common in the beginning of the 2000’s for USA medical devices companies, is what the Chinese are doing from 2010 onwards.


This article reveals some interesting information:
• Since 2012, some 30 Chinese investors have entered the Israeli high-tech scene and put money into over 80 startups.
• In 2014 alone, 22 investors from China and Hong Kong participated in 30 financing rounds by Israeli startups totaling some $300 million.
• In recent years the number of Chinese investors who put their money directly into Israeli startups has been growing by 50% annually.

We are sure that Brazil can and should be doing something similar: looking for the innovative products and technology they need today while at the same time understanding the models of investment in technological innovation.

This will enable the Brazilian medical industry not only to better serve their local market by being competitive to alternative imported goods, but also prepare them for their natural next stage in expanding to global markets.

Article referenced: China blazes a trail to Startup Nation, by Inbal Orpaz Jun. 17, 2015,

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