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         Avraham (Avi) Brenmiller was elected unanimously on December 1, 2020, as the Chairman of the Managing Board of the Israel-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thus becoming its sixth President, since the recreation of the Chamber in 2000.

        The Chamber is active in promoting business and technological cooperation between Israel and Brazil and has links with 8 sister Brazilian Chambers scattered all over the country, in areas of different economic and industrial interests.

        Brenmiller (68), a Mechanical Engineer by formation, was former CEO of Solel and Siemens CSP, both solar energy enterprises. In 2012 he founded Brenmiller Energy, together with a team of experts, a firm specialized in industrial uses of Energy Storage for the supply and utilization of wasted heat energy, based on a patented technology. The firm has installations In Brazil and in other parts of the world.

      Upon his appointment, Avi Brenmiller said: "I am excited to be selected to lead this Board and appreciate the challenge. I fully realize the significant opportunity and the potential growth curve of the Israel-Brazil business volume." 

        Avi Brenmiller added: “As the President of an active company in Brazil, I feel that we are at a remarkable time period for a deep cooperation between the countries. I look forward to support the penetration of Israeli unique technologies in sectors as Energy, Water and Agriculture into the Brazilian market, both in technologies utilization as well as the potential of local production of selected layers of these technologies. Full synchronization and strategic planning with our leaders of the Israeli Embassy and the various Economic Offices in Brazil will be a guiding principle. We will gladly offer our partners in Brazil for leveraging the penetration of increasing number of Israeli companies into the Brazilian business arena, to realize the significant opportunity ahead of us. This will also include promoting cooperative links with Brazilian enterprises striving to expand their business in Israel and internationally.“

Avi Brennmiller, new chairman of Israel Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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