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Affordable Housing I - São Paulo

755 lots of 200m2(2150 square feet):

Lot dimensions: 8mx25m  (26.2x82),

fully approved.

Affordable Housing II - São Paulo

total area: 461m2 (4962 square feet) that can be divided and approved as lots of 200 m2(2152 square feet)

Possible Lot dimensions: 10mx20m (32,8x65,6) or 8mx25m (26.2x82)

Commercial Building - São Paulo surroundings

Office Building rented by a bank in the surroundings of São Paulo  

Total area: 2,362 m2

Built area: 20,405 m

16 floors and 3 Underground floors

Parking lots: 305 vehicles

Homologated heliport

power generator


Return: approximately 0.85%

Rental value: R$ 960,000 per month


Building rented for church in São Paulo city

Total area: 28,000 m2

Built area: 48,000

5 floors and Elevators

Parking lots: 1.000 vehicles

Capacity: 30,000 people

Restrooms: 300


Return: approximately 0.9%

Rental Value: R$ 1,200,000 per month

Paulista Ave. Building

Building on Paulista Avenue

Newly built

Total area: 2,254 m²

Built area: 360 m²

9 floors

Parking lots: 17 vehicles

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