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Manufacturing Opportunities

Dairy Factory

- Two production units in the state of São Paulo.

- Two distinct brands that belong to the same owner, very known and accepted in the market.

- They produce several kinds of milk, a great variety of fruit juices, heavy cream, milky drinks, and other dairy products.

- Production capacity: approximately 2.5 million liters per day.

Cosmetics Plant

- The company’s facilities are located in a area of 24.000 m2(258,334 square feet)

- The machinery is enough to double the production.

- Hundreds of brands registered at ANVISA (Brazil’s National Sanitary Surveillance Agency);

- Debt free company;

- Valid documentation;

- Revenue:

                           2016: R$ 48,4 million (USD 12,7 million)

                           2017: R$ 48,4 million (USD 12,7 million)

                           2018 (until August): R$ 28,4 million (USD 7,5 million)

- Area: 58.000 m2 (624.307 square feet);

- Constructed Area: 28.000 m2 (301.389 square feet);

- Great logistics;

- 3 sheds;

- Construction in its final stage;

- Wheat mill;

- Conveyor for biscuits;

- 2 spaghetti lines;   

. Contracts with large chains;

- Monthly revenue: R$ 5 million (USD 1.3 million);

- After the construction is finished – projected monthly revenue: R$ 15 million (USD 4 million).

Pharmaceutical Site

Sale of minimum 49% of the asset,

One of the largest complexes of Brazil and Latin America.

First generic and OTC drug industry in Brazil to obtain ISO 9000 certificate.

Planned and executed to obtain the approval of the FDA so it can develop its commercial activity in the world markets


EBITDA from 15% to 18%

Liabilities of R$ 400 million - Banks Represent 7% of the Brazilian market

Billing from R $ 450 to R $ 500 million.

Factory Complex

Seven industrial plants (briquetting, charcoaling, steel, casting, machinery, auto-parts and road implements.

- Billing in 2017: R$ 200 million.

- Forecast for 2018: 200 million.

The idea is being an encyclopedia of cities with content in all segments from Science to Culture; from Economy to Education, from Environment to Public Utility.

Allowing micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and service providers in general, to have exposure on the Web, publicizing their products and services.

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