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Small Hydroeletric Power Plant (two)

The power plants are deactivated, but there is a basic project to repower them. Thus, with the harnessing of old arrangements, resizing their structures to harbor the optimization of local hydraulic resources, considering the environment preservation and the social-economical activities of the region, active registers of the basic projects were deployed alongside ANEEL (the national agency for electrical energy).

To summarize:

·  Deactivated SHPs (Small Hydropower Plants);

·  SHPs with a DG — distributed generation — framework;

·  Environmental licensing in progress - IL to be issued;

·  Lots — OK;

·  Basic projects are done (capacity of 1.2 MW and 2.5 MW respectively);

·  The point of connection has been defined.

Mining Company

- North region of Brazil

- Production of iron ore and manganese;

- The areas can be sold, but there is also the possibility of establishing a partnership to perform a joint exploration.

# of lives: 750 k -  Another 250 k to be added by the end of 2019.

# Points of care: Over 80 (hospitals  and practices office - private payment and  healthcare plans.

- Basic profit in 2018: from 15 to 18% 

The idea is being an encyclopedia of cities with content in all segments from Science to Culture; from Economy to Education, from Environment to Public Utility.

Allowing micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and service providers in general, to have exposure on the Web, publicizing their products and services.

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