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Positivo Tecnologia signs partnership with MindCET, the world's leading specialist in accelerating educational technology projects

With the agreement, the methodology of the innovation and technological development center on Israeli education will be adapted and implemented in Brazil by Positivo, which will set up an EdTechs’ accelerator in the Amazon



Curitiba, April, 2nd, 2019 - Positivo Tecnologia has just signed an educational technology collaboration partnership with MindCET, an innovation and development center on Edtechs and the world's leading specialist in projects’ acceleration and startups of this segment. The agreement was signed on April, 2nd, in Jerusalem during the visit of the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, to Israel.


As one of the first developments of the partnership, Positivo Tecnologia will set up an educational startups accelerator in the city of Manaus, city where it has plants established. The agreement will allow Positivo Tecnologia, through the accelerator in the Amazon, to replicate the development model of educational startups used in Israel.


It will also introduce and adapt MindCET best practices by sharing resources and expertise to leverage educational technology projects, in addition to accessing a global network of partners and connections. "The partnership will enable us to use the innovative methodology and spirit of the Israeli MindCET to accelerate Brazilian EdTechs in the Amazon", says Hélio Rotenberg, CEO of Positivo Tecnologia.


At the beginning of April, the first rounds of ideas acceleration will be conducted and, in September, the process of search and selection of startups will begin. "With the partnership, we bring the ecosystem of Brazilian educational technology closer to global ecosystems. In addition, we integrate our initiatives with other MindCET partners, which are Edtech startups or accelerators in countries such as England, France, Spain, the United States, China, Japan and India”, says José Goutier Rodrigues, Director of Research and Development and Institutional Relations of Positivo Tecnologia.

In addition to replicating in Brazil the ideas’ management methodology and the educational technology development and acceleration already tested in Israel, it will be up to Positivo Tecnologia to adapt all these activities to the Brazilian reality based on knowledge and experiences in this area of activity. As a counterpart, the technologies already developed in Brazil will be brought to Israel, as well as to other countries through other interested partners.


MindCET, founded by the Educational Technology Center (CET), a leading organization in the planning and development of technological products for the educational system in Israel, has two projects and startups’ acceleration centers, one in Tel Aviv and the other one in the Negev desert, an isolated and needy place. Positivo will use the concepts applied in the Negev model to replicate the initiative in the Amazon.

"Working in areas farthest away from the great centers of the country is very favourable to the development of new ideas, initiatives and research. This has already been conducted in Israel for seven years and Positivo will take it to Manaus", says Rebeca Barbalat, Director of Marketing and Products for Positivo Tecnologia Educacional.


Positivo Tecnologia and MindCET had the support of IB-Tech (Israel Brazil Innovations), a consultancy in technology, culture, research and development management for Israeli and Brazilian companies. The Positivo Tecnologia new accelerator with MindCET methodology in Manaus will be totally focused on educational technology and will begin operating in the second semester. "Innovating in education should be a global concern. We are committed to a global ecosystem of Edtechs based on cooperation. This partnership with Positivo allows us to create a twin accelerator to our desert experience in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. We are confident that our synergy will facilitate the projects’ acceleration and will benefit the educational system of both countries and around the world", said Avi Warshavsky, CEO of MindCET.



Positivo Tecnologia is a Brazilian hardware and software company that manufactures and markets computers, mobile phones, accessories, telemedicine devices and educational solutions. It is part of Grupo Positivo, a conglomerate of companies with activities in the educational, editorial, graphic, cultural and events segments. The company was founded in May, 1989. It has its administrative headquarters in Curitiba (PR), three factories in Brazil, as well as units in Argentina, Kenya, Rwanda, Taiwan and China. The own and represented brands by Positivo Tecnologia are Positivo, Positivo BGH, Quantum, VAIO, Hi Technologies, Anker, 2A.M. and Accept. For further information, visit

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