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The ​Investment Partnership Program - PPI


The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was created by Law No. 13,334 of 2016 to expand and accelerate the transfer between the State and private enterprise.  With a law establishing the PPI, two entities were created in the Federal Administration: the PPI Council and a PPI Secretariat. The Council is the collegiate body that evaluates and recommends the President of the Republic the projects that integrate the PPI, deciding, also, on the issues related to the execution of the contracts of partnerships and desestatizations. The Secretariat, linked to the Presidency of the Republic, acts in support of Ministries and Regulatory Agencies for the Execution of Program Activities.


The objectives of the PPI are:

• Expand investment and employment opportunities and stimulate technological and industrial development, in harmony with the country's social and economic development goals;
• Ensure the expansion with quality of the public infrastructure, with tariffs appropriate to the users;
• Promote fair and fair competition in the celebration of partnerships and the provision of services;
• Ensure legal stability and security of contracts, with the
guarantee of minimal intervention in business and investment;
• Strengthen the regulatory role of the State and the autonomy of state regulatory entities.

Once the ventures are qualified in the Investment Partnerships Program, they will be treated as a national priority. The organs and entities involved must act so that the processes and acts necessary for the structuring, liberation and execution of the project occur in an efficient and economical way. 

There are projects in the following areas: 

  • Waterway

  • Thermonuclear Plant

  • Railroad

  • Highway

  • Airport

  • Ports

  • Urban Mobility

  • Water Infrastructure

  • Hydropower Generation

  • Power Distribution

  • Power Transmission Lines

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

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