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GlaxoSmithKline Pharma Brazil is searching for Israeli startups that can become potential signed suppliers.


GSK Brazil created the Together program to find solution providers for its main challenges. GSK Brazil is looking for "post MPV /ready / released" services or products, B2B and B2B2C, and that use AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, VR, IoT, etc. to solve their biggest challenges. 


Selected startups will be able to run a paid pilot and potentially close a partnership deal.  


Challenge list:

  1. Blockchain for patient data management

  2. Patient treatment services (focus on chronic diseases)

  3. AI for commercial business intelligence

  4. Patient vaccine adhesion increase

  5. Business management support for doctors

  6. AI for risk management and decision making

  7. Route planning for sales team

  8. Virtual assistant for back office processes

  9. Commercial campaigns optimization

  10. Training management for sales team


 For detailed information click on the "Read More" 

 You can also contact Stephanie Saeta through email or phone +972 50 917-2296.


The applications can be made via:

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